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As the Founder & Art Library Curator, I personally wanted to reach out to you about becoming a library patron. In 2013, while acquiring a Masters in Library Science, at the University of North Texas, ART | library deco, was my final graduate student project and gift to the masses. Over the years, the online digital art library has grown into a digital space that houses quality content about African American artists, writers, exhibitions, and online collections. The digital art library features original online exhibitions, curated art news, collaborative events, a curated literary syllabi series, and offers free online creative courses.

The digital art library accepts donations to keep the maintenance and content, available for library patrons free of charge. It takes time to research, write original content, and publish information from around the world. Your contributions will support the innovation of the digital art library design, digital art exhibition space & archives, and to keep an AD-free space.

ART | library deco patrons will receive a free library subscription for their reoccurring donation which includes following:

  • A personalized ART | library deco digital/physical library card
  • Personal invites to our digital online art exhibitions
  • A digital copy of annual exhibition catalog
  • A digital copy of The Colors of Black History Coloring Book

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ART | library deco, sweet as the moment when art went “pop”