The Special Library



The Black Literary & Art Online Library at studio 1034  is a special library that houses one of the most prolific African American fiction, history, and poetry collections in the midwest.

  • Genres include: Fiction, Politics, Poetry, Writing, Education, History, Art and Black Cultural Studies.

The physical library is located in the Historic District of Jefferson City, Missouri and is non-circulating.  Beginning in 2017, the online library catalog will be available to the public and an online art research lib guide for free . Metadata will be provided for each resource entry in our database

2 thoughts on “The Special Library

  1. Hey kYm! School has started again. Like the previous two years, I’d like to have my students sign up for a virtual library card. However, this time, I want to emphasize it during our Research and Persuasive Argument units, and have them contact the reference desk for resources, Your guidance will be paramount to their academic success. Is that okay?

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