A Treasure Found in Houston, TX: Vivian Ayers


…. just found out that Vivian Ayers is Phylicia Rashad’s mother. She was an author, poet, and Librarian. Vivian worked as an apprentice librarian at Rice University -Fondren Library (Houston, Texas) and Vivian was accorded full faculty status in 1965, becoming the first African American to be recognized as a full member of faculty.

During Vivian’s years at Rice, she organized and published The Adept Quarterly, an important contribution to the small publications movement of the 1950s and 1960s. Additionally, she was a museum curator,  the founding director of the Brainerd Institute, cultural archivist, publisher and playwright.

{My Original Facebook Post |  June 23, 2013}

*I have decided to add her to my art documentation with these other fascinating women:

Still Life with Luminous Movement: The Literary Art Digital Narratives of Anderson, Young, & Ayers

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