It’s a Black Thing…Collecting African American Memorabilia


The African American Library at the Gregory School Presents:

It’s a Black Thing…Collecting African American Memorabilia
Now through March 1, 2014  

Black memorabilia not only signifies the legacy of African Americans, but the American tradition as a whole. This exhibit chronicles four local collections with objects that span from the turn of the century to present day.


Permanent Exhibits: Four Local Collections

Freedmen’s Town, Fourth Ward
This exhibit chronicles a crucial period in Houston African American history when a community was established following emancipation. This later became known as Freedmen’s Town, Fourth Ward. The exhibit incorporates a wide variety of stories proving the power of a people’s commitment to one another by building and sustaining family, communities of worship, and social organizations which built this thriving, self- contained neighborhood.

1926 Restored Classroom: 

A classroom has been restored to its original 1926 appearance so that visitors can see what the Gregory School looked like at its inception. The classroom is also equipped with modern technology to help bring the history of African Americans to life.

African Americans in Houston 
To honor generations of people whose cultural heritage played a significant role in what the city of Houston is today and what it will be tomorrow, we celebrate African American Houstonians. Integral to the exhibit are  photographs and artifacts representing the seven principles that are universal to the development of communities: unity, self determination, collective work and responsibility, purpose, cooperative economics, creativity and faith.

Special Exhibits
Every few months the gallery will present a new and exciting exhibition featuring themes in African American history, culture or the arts. Diverse educational programs are developed to augment and complement these special exhibits, including lectures, films and workshops.  Objects for the special exhibits will also rotate to utilize the Gregory Schools own archival materials, and involve community scholars and leaders to insure we convey the vast history of African Americans in Houston is being told.


Exhibit Location Address: 1300 Victor Street, | Freedmen’s Town, Fourth Ward, | Houston, Texas, 77019

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