vol. 1 – Now Completed


The beginning was tight ass hell! We will be an epic-art-hit in 2014! *Don’t call it a comeback | We’ve Been Here Before | #artlibrarydeco

It took some time for me to realize what I really wanted from this journal. I’ve figured out a lot during my break from grad school (I just started back up today. I will be graduating in May of 2014) about where I want to take ART library deco. I want to thank each person that started to follow ART library deco this past year. I appreciate each person that commented on the art entries, and I hope that the African American art bibliography that we’ve compiled has assisted you in some way.

This year we will delve back into the world of African American art. I personally will be completing my art library practicum at the Museum of Fine Arts Houston – Hirsch Library. I will be writing a blog entry about the experience at the end of the practicum. Additionally, there will be more information posted about art events, art politics, artists in general and so much more.

After graduation, my plans are to turn the online journal into a print/e-journal. Readers will have the opportunity to purchase volumes of ART library deco beginning in Janurary of 2015 in both media platforms.

*We will be compiling one commemorative issue to document the beginning stages of the journal that will be available at the end of the year.

Stay Informed About African American Art | Past, Present, and Future

ART library deco  

“sweet as the moment when the art went pop!”

Holla.Black | artlibrarydeco@gmail.com

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