COVER: Oscar Murillo / L’Officiel Art / Issue 9 / March – April – May 2014


From L’Officiel Art:

This ninth artist cover allows L’Officiel Art to go even more collector. For the first time, the logo has also been left to an artist’s reinterpretation. Oscar Murillo used this carte blanche to deliver a very personal work, which he conceived while he was working on his exhibition at the Mistake Room in Los Angelees.

For the logo, Oscar Murillo chose to use David Hammons’ work African American Flag which he had photographed in Harlem. He used it as a pattern to customize the three letters of the word “ART.”

“Carlos my uncle had become a travel companion and collaborator, a witness to some of the wonders that one encounters on the marathon that is being an artist. On a pre-Christmas trip to LA in preparation for the Mistake Room, Carlos and I were invited to stay in a beautiful 1930s villa, the Pink Panther! It was a week of indulgence in Beverly Hills. Concurrently it was a physical, psychological and cultural clash, the perfect opportunity to establish an image for what it has meant to no longer work Sundays. This picture of Carlos is the quintessence of my project: ‘I don’t work Sundays’ is the subtext and the manifested antithesis of a series of earlier exhibitions, installations, performances and video works.” 

200 copies of the magazine with this collector cover version have been printed. 

Article Reprint Courtesy of:

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