A Look Inside J. Dilla’s Vinyl Collection | This One is for Dilla — Hip Hop

A Look Inside J. Dilla’s Vinyl Collection A talent like J. Dilla‘s cannot be confined to life or death. Rather, it is a force of innovative vision, perpetually revealing itself in parts over time. The (lost) art of sampling is a producer’s ‘trick of the trade’ and no one has left audiences guessing quite like Dilla, whose wide range of aesthetic influences transcend genre definitions.

Fuse TV traveled to Detroit, Michigan for an important survey of one of contemporary music’s greatest contributors, taking an exclusive look into Dilla’s collection of vinyl for the latest edition of its Crate Diggers series. Preceding this, the collection has gone unseen to the public.

Watch and learn as a crew of special hosts, including J.Rocc, takes us through this episode of Crate Diggers. Author: Josh Davis / Source: HYPETRAK: https://sites.google.com/site/mayuradocs/PinIt.png

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