KUSP’s Poetry Show ft. Jericho Brown, Guest poet

new testament

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Jericho Brown was a first-time guest on the Poetry Show for April 5, 2015. Host Dennis Morton sat down for an interview with the young poet, whose new published collection is titled The New Testament (Copper Canyon Press, 2014).

The wide-ranging conversation encompassed much more than poetry, and was interspersed with Mr. Brown’s engaging reading of poems from the new book. Listeners who persevere all the way to the end of the podcast will be rewarded with a song from Jericho and Dennis.

From the publisher:

In The New Testament, Jericho Brown continues his tender examination of race, masculinity, and sexuality. These poems bear witness to survival in the face of brutality, while also elegizing two brothers haunted by shame, two lovers hounded by death, and an America wounded by war and numbered by religion. Brown summons myth, fable, and fairy tale not to merely revise the Bible–more so to write the kind of lyric poetry we find at the source of redemption–for the profane and for the sacred.
Republished Courtesy: KUSP’s Poetry Show

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