Let’s Talk Black Images: An Interview with Adama Delphine Fawundu by Faron Manuel

Lauyrn Hill

Excerpt, From Black Art In America: Interview with Adama Delphine

Question: Throughout your career you’ve documented a diverse range of individuals & personalities that so happen to be classified as black. I must ask, what are you trying to communicate, or expose through you work?

Answer: My main goal is to document and create art that shows various aspects of the human condition.  Most of my subjects are of African descent because I do not see a variation of representation when it comes to us.  I can complain about that, but why complain when I have the perspective, tools and talent to broaden the conversation about people of African descent.  My latest work is a blog series “I Am A Man America” ( http://www.iamamanamerica.com/) speaks directly to this sentiment.  I have three sons and I’ve taught in all boy settings for about ten years now.  The media does a great job of creating a distorted view of Black Males in America.  I thought it was necessary to create this very exciting and refreshing project that portrays a broad range of ideas and perspectives of Black Men from various walks of life.

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