100 Strangers: Exhibition and Film Screening


Exhibition: 100 Strangers

Date: February 11, 2016 | Time: 6PM – 9PM

Location: The Community Artists’ Collective,  4101 San Jacinto at Cleburne, Suite 116, Houston, Texas 77004

100 Strangers, at its original inception, was meant to capture 100 portraits of random people on the street. The path started out as a cut and dry concept. An unfortunate emptiness occurred once he started developing the photos. That void gave birth to an insatiable curiosity about the subjects. There he was, staring into the eyes of people he’d only met just once, and one sinking question remained: Who are they? He wanted the journey to deepen. He was compelled by the urge to learn more.

Take flight with him as he unveils the culmination of his travels and encounters with people from all over the country.Share in the luxury he had of talking to strangers, and understand why he feels that strangers are simply books, waiting to be read.


More Info Here

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