2017 | What Is The Meaning Of Outsider Art? The Genre With A Story, Not A Style

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Haile King Rubie – Artist | Image Courtesy of Black Art In America

What Is The Meaning Of Outsider Art? The Genre With A Story, Not A Style there is a dark side to the quickly rising popularity of art explicitly made possible by suffering, whether of mind or physical circumstances. But there is also an undeniable magic to the ethos of the fair — a message that communicates that, at its core, art is by everyone and for everyone. It’s not about clever allusions, MFAs, market trends and traditions that are constantly being overturned for the sake of overturning them. Through an outsider lens, art is about imagination and creation, generating worlds inside your mind and letting them free, transforming suffering into profound beauty.  ~ Priscilla Frank, Arts Writer, The Huffington Post –

Article Excerpt:

Haile! King Rubie

An 0utsider Who Can’t Be Denied …

The realm of Outsider Art has a bonafide contender — Haile King Rubie. Unencumbered by the norms of society and extraordinarily gifted with vision, Haile King Rubie is able to communicate his perceptions of the world through his art.

People immediately identify him with Basquiat and understandably so, but to see the brilliance of this 26 year old artist, you have to look beyond the obvious comparisons to Jean Michel and look at the range of Rubie’s work.

Read More about Haile King Rubie


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