BOMB’s (African American Art History) Oral History Project


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From Bomb Magazine

The Oral History Project
BOMB’s Oral History Project is a unique series of one-on-one interviews with New York-based African-American artists, curators, and cultural figures. It aims to shine a light on the lives and careers of distinguished practitioners across the arts, many of whom remain under-recognized. Since 2014, we have spoken with over a dozen artists including, Melvin Edwards, Wangechi Mutu, Edward Clark, and Stanley Whitney. All projects are free to download.

The Oral History Project is run by Editor-in-Chief Betsy Sussler and Andrew W. Mellon Fellow Terence Trouillot. BOMB’s Oral History Advisory Panel is Sanford Biggers, Thelma Golden, Kellie Jones, Mickalene Thomas, Carrie Mae Weems, Stanley Whitney, and Jack Whitten.

Oral History | Peter Bradley is fast: fast-talking, fast-thinking, fast-living. So fast, in fact, that many of us are still trying to keep up with him today. Brimming with a certain velocity and vigor that has brought him around the world and back, all the while keeping a great sense of class and determination, Peter Bradley reached a level of success in the New York City art scene of the ’70s and ’80s that is like no other. The bearer of many hats (art dealer, curator, painter, sculptor, musician, teacher), Peter’s story is one worth knowing, full of great anecdotes and historical narratives that reveal a picture of the past that is otherwise still unknown to many scholars and historians.

Peter Bradley: “I looked for anyone who was painting and making good, hard abstraction. When I say the word ‘hard,’ I mean artists who were making abstract art and who had suffered to make it; living in poverty and so forth—black and white artists alike.”

Released January 17, 2017 | Download Peter Bradley Oral History Book here:

Download (Past) Oral History Books Here:

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