The Obamas, African American Art, and Legacy


William H. Johnson’s Folk Scene–Man with Banjo was chosen to be displayed in the White House. | Image Credit: Smithsonian

From Art | library deco

Back in December 2016, the Obamas were documented in a cover story by Architectural Digest about their art collection housed in the White House during their tenure in the oval office. Their collection was loaned from different artistic institutions within the United States. Glenn Ligon is the youngest artist chosen to be housed in the White House at the request of the Obamas.

“The President and I, we are true art lovers,” Mrs. Obama said. “We don’t know as much as some of our friends do, but we hope when we get out of here we’ll learn a little bit more. But we think that all of our country’s great artists have a place within these walls.” – Quoted in Culture Type

Read Article about the Obama’s Private Quarters in Architectural Digest here:

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