Typographic Poster: ‘And Still I Rise’

still i rise 2

Typographic Poster | Credit: Artist, Katherine Kelly http://www.katherine-kelly.com/still-i-rise/

From Katherine-Kelly.com:

‘And Still I Rise’
Typographic Poster
Poem by Maya Angelou

This poster is an exploration in typographic voice. I was prompted with a body of text and was asked to choose and convey a voice for that piece of writing. After many rounds of exploration, I chose a Paula Sher inspired treatment. I initially presented the text alone. I later made adjustments and added the shape of the body, which helped to visualize the power, strength, and sheer sassiness of the poem.

View the finished product here: http://www.katherine-kelly.com/still-i-rise/

2 thoughts on “Typographic Poster: ‘And Still I Rise’

    • Odette: Thank you for contacting ART | library deco! This poster is not available for sale at this time. I definitely will inform the artist that another request has been made to buy her work. I will update you if anything changes. – Respectfully

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