Exhibition: The Prophet’s Library

From Tinney Contemporary:


Wesley Clark | The Prophet’s Library: African Communalism, Oil paint on woodn 13” x 11” x 4” – Image Courtesy of the Tinney Contemporary

Tinney Contemporary is pleased to present The Prophet’s Library, a solo show of work by Wesley Clark. It marks his exciting return to the gallery since he was first introduced in 2015 as a participant in Topography, a groundbreaking group show curated by Fisk University’s Jamaal B. Sheats.

Wesley Clark’s work focuses on the issues faced by African-Americans and the African diaspora. He explores race, politics, and history using various tactile materials. Clark describes The Prophet’s Library as “a narratively driven collection of artifacts.” His previous showing at Tinney Contemporary offered pieces made mostly from wood, but this new work experiments with resin sculpture, mixed media printmaking, and painting.

Each piece is heavily manipulated to appear as though it were a timeworn object, found and appropriated as art. As a true storyteller, Clark uses both subtle and overt symbolism to relay his message. He intends for his use of “real unicorn horns, large anatomical hearts, and unearthed sarcophagi” among other things, to galvanize the viewer to develop their own narrative. Like the materials comprising each work, the conversation they encourage is densely layered.

Current Exhibition

On view through until July 8th, 2017

More info about exhibition here: http://tinneycontemporary.com/exhibitions/details/the_prophets_library/#

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