Reflection: Activist, Speaker, and Comedienne Richard Claxton “Dick” Gregory Transitions at 84 Years Old


“I’m not a comic. I am a humorist.”

Dick Gregory 1967, Chicago, USA

Dick Gregory 1967, Chicago, USA | Image Credit: EDWARD KITCH/AP/REX/SHUTTERSTOCK

Richard Claxton ‘”Dick” Gregory was born on October 12, 1932 in St. Louis, Missouri. He would rise from poverty and become one of the most prolific outspoken voices of his generation. Mr. Gregory was an international speaker, writer, comedienne, activist, social critic and entrepreneur.

We celebrate his legacy, by reflecting upon his life and greatness as a warrior and revolutionary for African Americans and our sisters and brothers in the African Diaspora.

Visit the following resources below to learn more about the Real Cool Player, Dick Gregory.

Read Biography | View Artwork | Listen to Speech  | Quotes



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