Art News: New Mural in Philadelphia, Honors the Legacy of John Coltrane

From ART_library deco:


John Coltrane mural | North Philadelphia, designed by artist Ernel Martinez. Credit:

Now in Philadelphia, you’ll find a giant painting of John Coltrane by artist Ernel Martinez, which takes visual cues from another Coltrane mural that graced the side of a Philly building from 2002 until 2014. The new mural is not far from where Coltrane bought his Philadelphia home in 1952. (It’s now a national landmark, by the way.)

Learn more about how this landmark mural came to be through an inspirational design created in Chicago of the great blues musician, Muddy Waters. Visit } The jazz web site,

Watch the documentary film Chasing Coltrane streaming on PBS’ Independent Lens.


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