Art.Education: Digital Blackness in the Archive: A Documenting the Now Symposium – View Online

From DocNow:

Digital Black

Image Credit: DocNow

The second Documenting the Now symposium, to be held in conjunction with our advisory board meeting, will address issues at the intersection of archival practice and the existence of Black people on the web and social media. Invited speakers will discuss their work on the Black experience in online spaces including research on joy and creativity expressed by Black people on the web, cultural and social expression, activism and other acts of resistance, the Black experience with state sponsored online surveillance, and racism and bias in algorithm and social media platform design. The program will be an opportunity for the general public, activists, archivists, library and museum professionals, and the academic community, to learn and share together in conversations about digital culture and digital archives that center blackness. Because we too often attempt to find solutions before fully understanding the issues, an intentional goal of the program is to broaden knowledge around the realities faced by Black people participating in online spaces, in hopes that this new knowledge will impact how archivists and other cultural documenters do their work around appraisal, collection, access, preservation, and use of social media and other web-based content that documents Black lives. Visit DocNow online and access free resources.

View Archived Symposium| December 11 – 12, 2017

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