Podcast: Contemporary Black Canvas, By Dr. Pia Deas, Professor of African American Literature, interviews Black novelists, poets, filmmakers, visual artists, and radical gardeners and farmers

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Contemporary Black CanvasContemporary Black Canvas celebrates the depth and breadth of the Black artistic and intellectual traditions from across the African Diaspora and Africa. Through conversations with leading writers, musicians, filmmakers, visual artists, dancers, radical gardeners, and institution builders, we examine the Black imagination as a vital, vibrant, and dynamic force for individual and collective transformation. This podcast is an accessible and mobile university without walls that presents the ideas of leading Black creators, thinkers, and builders to Black audiences world-wide.

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Podcast: Black art and activism
By The RA Podcast team
Published 23 April 2017


Artists Sonia Boyce RA, Dr Kimathi Donkor and Jacob V Joyce join arts practitioner and academic Dr Michael McMillan to discuss whether black artists today are expected to challenge global and national issues of race and representation.

Our discussion uses 1930s America as a starting point, a period when African-American artists such as Aaron Douglas and William Johnson actively engaged with issues about race. Dr Michael McMillan asks artists Sonia Boyce RA, Dr Kimathi Donkor and Jacob V Joyce whether it is the responsibility of black artists today to challenge global and national issues of racial prejudice? Can art and spaces for art contribute to an ongoing dialogue between visual culture and activism in the context of racial prejudice? How do artists see their role? Is art an effective vehicle for protest, grief or hope?

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