Theatre: Billie Holiday Theatre presents Annual 50in50 Initiative, Plays By Black Women

From The Billie Holiday Theatre at RestorationART:


Image Courtesy of the Billie Holiday Theatre

As Black women writers, we are seeing an explosion of #metoos across our media outlets. We are participants, sharing our complex and varied narratives of harassment, abuse, assault, and overall crimes against our bodies. But we are also observers, watching the nation respond to the narratives of White privileged women with outrage, while the misogyny against our mothers and daughters has persisted without the same national indignation. Who will be outraged for US?
– Dominique Morriseau, Curator

The AUDELCO and Obie Award-winning Billie Holiday Theatre presents our annual 50in50 Initiative with the Obie Award-winning Frank Silvera Writers’ Workshop, as renowned playwright Dominique Morriseau provided a curatorial statement for women of African descent from around the corner and around the world to respond to with an original monologue in this era of #MeToo. We received close to 200 stories from across the world from women and girls ages 15 to 99. The stories are heartwarming and heartwrenching with the humor, depth and solidarity that is our story! Fifty monologues were selected and will be read by noted actors in theater, film and TV on March 17 in the historic Billie Holiday Theatre.

Cast: Celestine Rae (Crazy Famous, Boardwalk Empire), Mandi Masden (Law and Order, Blue Prints to Freedom), Marsha Stephanie Blake (Orange is the New Black, Girls), Pauletta Pearson Washington (Autumn, She’s Gotta Have It), Phyliss Yvonne Stickney (How Stella Got Her Groove Back), Simone Missick (Luke Cage), with a live sound score by renowned pianist and vocalist Maritri Garrett.

Event Information:

What: THEATER | 50in50: What Place Do We Have in This Movement?

Date: Sat, Mar 17, 7pm

Location: The Billie Holiday Theatre, 1368 Fulton St, BK, NY 11216

Buy Tickets:

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