Pre-Order Free Copy: A Curated Syllabi, Zadie Smith’s Literati

no.1 - SP18 - A Curated Syllabi - Zadie Smith's LiteratiVisit our new space inside the digital art library: A Curated SyllabiDelve into the writings of critically acclaimed and best-selling author, Zadie Smith. In this issue, A Curated Syllabi features a literary mind-map about a writer that is dedicated to her craft and is a social activist – fighting for libraries!

The curated syllabi is designed for students, faculty, readers, writers and literary gurus to use as a resource to learn more about the writer and if nothing else – motivation. If you are new to Zadie Smith’s work this is an excellent way to get to know more about the writer, learn about why she writes, read introductions about her novels, gain access to online readings and so much more!

We ask librarians to house this in their LibGuide section of their library website. Educators feel free to use the guide in your physical and online courses.


Pre-order free copy of e-book here using our Google Form:

A Curated Syllabi, Zadie Smith’s Literati
Debuts Online: March 26, 2018
eB Page Count: 33
Published by ART | library deco
Designed by bookista media group

All library patrons that pre-order their e-book will receive an email with a link to download their free purchase the day of the e-book curated syllabi launch. This issue will be shelved on April 26, 2018. Curated syllabi issues are archived in our digital repository.

Become a library patron and receive updates about new releases curated and published inside A Curated Syllabi here:

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