#freebooks: Art and Oracle: African Art and Rituals of Divination

From the Met Free Publications:


Art and Oracle: African Art and Rituals of Divination, LaGamma, Alisa, with an essay by John Pemberton III (2000)

Book: Art and Oracle: African Art and Rituals of Divination


Director’s Foreword
Philippe de Montebello

Alisa LaGamma

Map of Sub-Saharan Africa
John Pemberton III


Oracular Sculpture: Figurative Divination Instruments

Visual Metaphors: Ifa Divination Instruments

Dynamic Devices: Kinetic Oracles

Visual Commentaries: Sets of Divination Signs

Invoking the Spirits: Musical Devices

Emblems of Enlightenment and Power: Diviners’ Insignias

Empowering the Individual: Diviners’ Prescriptions

The Iconography of Divination: Monuments of Divine Insight

Checklist of the Exhibition
Photograph Credits

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African Arts
“… concise, well written, thoroughly documented, and easy to read … refreshingly light and portable. While chock full of information and excellent color photographs printed on good-quality paper, it is not so heavy that a small wagon is required to cart it home. The price is right: $20 for this much information is a bargain. The authors have struck just the right tone, balancing scholarly correctness and readability. LaGamma’s essay in particular is informative without being ponderous. The essays and catalogue entries would make excellent supplementary reading for college courses in African art or ethnography, representing a welcome collaboration between the disciplines of anthropology and art. Along with Philip Peek’s 1991 anthology African Divination Systems, this elegant little publication makes a substantial contribution to the scholarship on Africa’s culture and arts of divination.”

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