The Buffalo Soldiers National Museum Presents: MILITARY INSPIRED ART 2018

From the Buffalo Soldiers National Museum:


Image By Buffalo Soldiers National Museum

For over 100 years African Americans have made contributions to the defense of the United States of America, for centuries African’s have made a lasting impression on the World of Art. There is no doubt that times of war had and still has a major influence on Art. What may not be known to the masses is that some of our men and women in the armed forces are also artist.

In an effort to pay homage to that bravery, heroism and artistry, MIA will create an atmosphere where veterans, active duty men and women can showcase their talents off the battlefield along with other modern and contemporary artist who may have been influenced by the military.

Friday – July 27, 2018 : Reception

Unveiling of Exhibition Art Work

Saturday – July 28, 2018 : In Commemoration of Buffalo Soldiers Day

Exhibition – Free & Open to the Public • 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Live Painting Sessions with Artist & Attendees
Artist Talks

– Topics

Famous African American Artist in the military
Art Therapy
Contemporary Artist in the military or works inspired by

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