Opportunity: House of Sedulō, Black Artists Residency

From the House of  House of Sedulō:


Credit: Image By, OGO | Public Domain

Welcome to the House of Sedulō. A creative hive offering residencies to Black artists and creatives. A two room residence: one is reserved for local Baltimore Artists, the other is available to Artists from across the Diaspora. The House of Sedulō is intended for emerging and established, national and international Black Artists from all disciplines who are interested in developing their art while immersed in Baltimore’s Black creative scene.

Baltimore Artists are invited to apply for residence between 3 and 6 months. National and international Artists are invited to apply for residence between 1 and 3 months.

Artists in residence at the House of Sedulō are expected to:

* Host a minimum of 2 monthly teachings for Black Artists in Baltimore. These teachings can include (but are not limited to) physical movement, live performances, Artist’s talks, technique based workshops, book talks, mindfulness activities, trainings or collective creative sessions.

* Take over the House of Sedulō Instagram with daily posts and insights.

Artists enjoy free housing (including utilities), wi-fi, laundry on the premises, and monthly house cleaning. Transportation, entertainment, and food are not included.

The deadline to apply to the House of Sedulō is February 1st, 2019.

Apply Here: House of Sedulō

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