Available: Librarians Around The World

From LBB Young Specialists Section:

book-cover-back“The Librarians Around the World” project started in February 2017 . Where librarians were asked to take part in the adventure and write about themselves, library system, education opportunities, library related organization, etc. The project has come to an end in December 2018. An e-book “Librarians Around the World” has been published. E-book is supported by the State Culture Capital Foundation (Latvia).

There were many responses received from all over the world. 46 librarians from 27 countries applied: Armenia, Bangladesh, Estonia, Finland, France, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Nigeria, Philippines, Qatar, Serbia, Slovenia, South Korea, Sweden, Thailand, Turkey, United States of America, India, Myanmar, Tanzania, Ukraine, Spain, Slovakia, Vietnam, and New Zealand. Sorry, because we, librarians, know that there is no more than 24 hours in a day. Still, it could be possible to continue the project. There are 19 articles from 34 librarians published in the e-book. We do not have to write an e-book in English.

Daniela Skokovic from Serbia emphasizes, “Since I am a small public library,” Yujin Hong from South Korea mentions that she wants ” “The Librarians Around the World.”

For myself personally, this project has been a proof of a librarianship, and is one of the best ways to get started. While managing this project, I have gone through the process of publishing e-book from A to Z.

I kindly invite everyone to peek in to the book pages and gain inspiration to the various libraries all over the world! Additionally, when traveling, you are always welcome to the libraries represented by the authors!

Elina Sniege
Project “Librarians Around the World” manager

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