ART Archive: Mary Church Terrell Transcribe-A-Thon

From ART | library deco:

Register for the Mary Church Terrell Transcribe-A-Thon! Participate in a teach and learn tutorial, then begin transcribing African American history from the Terrell collection housed at the Library of Congress. The event is free and limited to forty (40) virtual seats. The event is sponsored by the ART | library deco and the Douglass Club of Austin, Texas – Mary Church Terrell District.


Date: April 18, 2020 | Time: 11 AM – 1 PM CST

Virtual Space:

Admission: FREE

Host: kYmberly Keeton, Chief Curator @ ART | library deco

*This event will require an internet connection and the capability to log into virtual space to participate.

Visit Mary Church Terrell’s Online Exhibition @ Oberlin College

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