ART N Music | Listen to Bubbha Thomas, By Flash Gordon Parks

From Flash Gordon Parks

“About Bubbha Thomas: Bubbha Thomas was a musician, activist, author and educator. He was the drummer and bandleader for The Lightmen Plus One who from 1970 – 1975 recorded some of the most innovative, progressive Spiritual Jazz Funk Houston has ever witnessed. Bubbha Thomas was also responsible for the Summer Youth Jazz Workshops which help nurture some of Houston’s brightest talent for decades. This iconic figure has left an undeniable imprint on Jazz music locally and globally. Flash Gordon Parks shares some of his favorite recordings in this follow up mix.” -FGP

1. Survival Song
2. Boogie Down
3. Life & Times (of Daddy Jive)
4. The Phantom
5. Sorrow, Bitterness And Revolution
6. Herbs (Of Life)
7. Please Be Mine
8. Cold Bair
9. Free As You Wanna Be
1. Country Fried Chicken
2. Country Fried Chicken (Summer Youth Music Pro 74)
3. May ’67
4. Wench
5. Fancy Pants
6. Me
7. Total Effect (Summer Music Workshop All-Stars)
8. Creative Music
9. All Praises To Allah (Alternate Version)
10. Hope
11. Brougham (Summer Youth Music Program)
12. Bullets Of A Gun (Thomas Meloncon)
13. Turned Myself Into A Drum

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