#freebooks: Part III, Ruth E. Carter’s Coloring Pages

From ART | library deco:

The Academy Museum partnered with Academy Award®–winning costume designer Ruth E. Carter to debut her coloring illustrations. You are in a for a free treat! The pages are published weekly via the Academy Museum’s website and are free to download at your leisure. Download the third set released this week below by clicking on each image. Learn more about Artist and Costume Design extraordinaire, Ruth E. Carter, visit ruthecarter.com.


“Nia likes to show her unique ability to gather all kinds of elements and turn them into wonderful purposeful items. She is very clever in her own person style as well. Nia means purpose.”

“Ujamaa takes care of her business. She owns a successful business and this principle refers to uplifting your community. Ujamma means to build and maintain our own businesses and to profit from them together.”

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