ART Archive | Black August 2020: “Still Black See”

From ART | library deco:

Get in tune with your artistic star-player during August 2020 and delve into a sea of literal Blackness! Explore and take part in the curated feed designed by our staff for your artistic nourishment during the month of Leo season. Remember, U Matter! #artiscontagious

Image Credit: George Jackson Poster | Public Domain

We must prove our predictions about the future with action.” – George Jackson

Read About The Meaning of Black August

Download Free Issues of The Black Panther Newsletter, Courtesy of Freedom Archives

Download Free Copy of Angela Davis’ book, “Are Prisons Obsolete”

Bonus: Listen to Angela Davis’s Are Prisons Obsolete Audiobook Chapter 1

Cover ART: Malaquias Montoya, George Jackson Lives, 1976, offset lithograph on paper, Smithsonian American Art Museum, Museum purchase through the Frank K. Ribelin Endowment, 2015.29.1, © 1976, Malaquias Montoya

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