ART Visual | African American Virtual Art Library Updates It’s Library-Web Interface

From ART | library deco:

Backstory: ART | library deco debuted online in 2013 as a graduate student practicum. A lot of hard work for the past seven years is fixated in the library. Not to mention, we have been doing all of this on a shoestring budget.

We are pleased to announce today that the African American virtual art library is moving ahead with our plans for growth and upgrading the space!

The staff is ecstatic about our logo and library-web interface! In addition, the virtual library is AD-FREE! Black August has started out on a good note for the art library. Take a look at what we have completed thus far, share your suggestions, and feedback is welcomed!

In like manner, continue to read our curated art news, use the art lib guide for all of your research or scholarly needs, participate in our BLACK COVID-19 INDEX project, and stay abreast of our events and register for our latest offerings.

On another note , become a FREE library subscriber or invest in the library and take part in our library art patron program. We personally would like to thank all of our supporters! #artiscontagious

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