Curating Notes Vol. 2 | The Last Day in 2020

kYmberly Keeton
Chief Curator
ART | library deco

It seems like it has been forever since I have written another note to document the month here at ART | library deco. WHAT A YEAR! It has been one to remember: 2020. The year started out for me personally, chilling in Philadelphia and New York City to celebrate the new year and decade. Everything felt like it was going to be real cool , real cool, cool player. NOT! The universe said different and here we are living in a pandemic with over 300,000 individuals in the United States alone that have transitioned after contracting COVID-19. Never, did I ever imagine that I would witness Black people being murdered in these United States on a daily basis at the hands of the police, and challenged by its white citizens in real time regarding just about everything that has to do with being Black during a time such as this. The economy is shot; folks from all walks of life have lost their jobs, homes, and dignity. And, through it all we had to think about taking care of ourselves and sanity. I even had to think about what self-care means in my own life and still thinking. I returned back to what I love best – creativity in some form or fashion when I needed it. Time was/is another gift that the universe blessed us all with. The question will always be as a creative/artist…what did you do with the time that you were gifted? If nothing else, if you stood in line for hours to vote in November for the next incoming administration during this pandemic you are an amazing soul! Honestly, I cannot tell you what is going to take place in 2021, but that you should live each day like it is your last! With that being said…

Thanks for trusting ART | library deco and giving us the privilege to do what we love. Happy New Year. We intend to make 2021 another memorable year!


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