ART Vogue | Black Lives Matter Protest Poster

David John Walker
“Words matter. Imagery matters. The role of the visual designer is to produce works for specific outcomes. My aim is always to provoke thought, to inform and to aid decisions.”

No More Death, by David Jon Walker, Clarksville TN | Follow David @davidjonwalker
Black Lives Matter (series, 5/5), by Hust Wilson, Johannesburg, South Africa | Follow Hust @hustwilson


Emmanuel’s Wisdom

“Since the European slave ships landed on the coast of Africa in the early 16th century and forcibly uprooted roughly 12 million Africans, people of African descent have been fighting for their freedom all over the world.

Stolen from Africa, brought to America and labeled three-fifths of a man, nearly 500 years later African-Americans continue to survive against all odds. The new generation of African-Americans are focused like Malcolm X with reparations in sight. Uncle Sam is a power junkie and it’s time to cut him off.”

Uncle Sam, by Emmanuel Wisdom, Philadelphia Pennsylvania |
Follow Emmanuel @unadesignco

“Art is the most impactful language we have and people who like guacamole cannot be trusted.”

Black Lives Matter, by Adrian Meadows, Spartanburg, SC | Follow Adrian @iiaspire

“Love is not about skin color, nor eye color, nor wealthness. Love is about pure feelings and nothing else.”

Love has no color, Jean Carlos Garcia, Santo Domingo | Follow Jean Carlos @champolatype

Poster Exhibition: 12 Black Artists. 24 Protest Posters. According to the exhibition curators at Fine Acts, they collaborated with a group of Black typography and lettering artists to create this extraordinary year-long curation of poster art work. Download the posters, remix them, and share with others through your social media networks. Visit the complete set of posters here.

All featured works are published under a Creative Commons-Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International license (CC-BY-NC-SA) and are available for free noncommercial use and adaptation – given the appropriate credit.

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