ART Study | CAAPP Black Study 2.0 | Black Is…Black Ain’t

CAAPP Black Study 2.0 | Black Is…Black Ain’t

From the Center for African American Poetry and Poetics presents is 2.0 Black Study to virtual screens near you. Building on their last Black Study series, this series is intentionally African diasporic and in conversation with the range of Indigenous and displaced peoples of color. In this Study, CAAPP will focus our collective curatorial lens on creating, rethinking, working together to shift inherited categories and ideas of race/Black/etc. We think of these virtual events as connected to the following thought experiment: what if together in community we try to upend the blatant, subtle, and invisible modes of domination using our creative practice? 

The free series kicks off on Wednesday, March 3rd, at 6PM EST. The first event, curated by CAAPP Fellow Justin Phillip Reed.

This semester’s series features five events variant in content and form, organized around their own themes while all exploring ideas of Blackness’s fugitivity, its runaway state, how it can attach to other bodies who must then take up a disparaged subjectivity, and, too, creativity.

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