ART Women | Women’s History Month 2021: The Soul of Black Folk Artist, Clementine Hunter

The Soul of Clementine Hunter

Clementine Hunter was born in December 1886 into a Louisiana Creole family at Hidden Hill Plantation near Cloutierville, in Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana. The African American self-taught folk artist lived on the Melrose Plantation the majority of her life. She never learned how to read or write. The artist began collecting brushes and paints left by an artist who visited the plantation. Independently, she began selling her paintings in the early twentieth century for as little as 25 cents. Works featured by the artist and entrepreneur depicts Black Southern life. Her paintings spans generational themes that are relevant today. As an independent artist, she painted prolifically in her fifties. Her work received critical acclaim and is revered internationally. Learn More About the artist and her life story on the Melrose Plantation here.

Enjoy the mini library exhibit featuring the art work by Clementine Hunter.

Clementine Hunter, Abstract with Photograph of Artist
1975, Fair Use
Clementine Hunter, Black Matriarch, 1970
Fair Use
Clementine Hunter, Two Women, 1980 – 1986
Fair Use
Clementine Hunter, Black Christ on Cross, 1972, Fair Use


Clementine Hunter’s World

A Film By Art Shiver

Cover Image: Clementine Hunter, Fair Use

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