ART Films | Register for Free Film Screening, Zora Lathan and Iman Uqdah Hameen: On Black Interiority

From Women’s Film and Video from the Smithsonian

Free Film

Join the Smithsonian’s weekly film night every Thursday during Women’s History month. During the month of May the cultural institution will screen a special film dealing with the interiority of Black life.

According to the institution, the screening will pair the experimental works of Zora Lathan, who uses her family as her muse, and the short film “Unspoken Conversation” (1987) by Iman Uqdah Hameen, which explores a Black woman’s journey as a wife and mother.

The filmmakers will join National Museum of African American History and Culture’s curator Rhea Combs and media conservator Ina Archer for a post-screening conversation

Register for the film screening here.

Still from Ariel (1975) directed by Zora Lathan

Cover image: Still from Ariel (1975) directed by Zora Lathan, Courtesy of the Women’s History Department @ The Smithsonian.

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