ART Storytelling | Creating Diversity through Story Development, Hosted by NAA’s I Need to Know Webcast

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Art is storytelling. Creating authentic, honest, and real characters takes research, patience, and a whole lot of being careful. In this webcast, Davis Publications and partners Laura and Matt Grundler of The Creativity Department, will speak with sequential artist and author David Gorden. Gorden is the creator of the graphic novel series Kwame Hightower, the comic series Quantum University, and the popular DKG72 YouTube channel.

The conversation will focus on the importance of authenticity, intentionality, and vigilance when creating diverse characters in our art. We will discuss the value of asking “why” questions during the process of character development to avoid stereotypes, and the relevance of understanding the “rules of art” before you try to bend them. As Gorden commented in a recent #K12ArtChat Twitter chat, “It’s important that Black kids, Latino kids, biracial kids, all students of color, see themselves in all of our media output. Not just as the support but as the lead. We have to tread lightly but be vigilant and intentional with creation.” Join the conversation for a candid and informative discussion about ways we can approach this important topic.

Guest Speakers Include:

Kristi Oliver, Davis Publications; Laura & Matt Grundler, The Creativity Department; Dan Gorden, 4Sight Studio

This webcast will be presented via Zoom. You’ll need to sign up for a free Zoom account to access the live event.

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