ART GLAM | Open-GLAM Digest, Vol 17, Issue 1 : CC Certificate course: GLAM (Beta Test starting September 27, 2021)

Last Day to Register May 31, 2021

From Open-GLAM:

We anticipate offering an “beta” test of the GLAM Certificate starting
September 27, 2021. Like the other CC Certificate courses, the GLAM Certificate will be a 10-week long online course. It’s rigorous, and will require an average of 6-10 hours of work per week.

GLAM beta training:

Taking the CC Certificate for GLAM beta training entails the following:

– Participation in the 10-week online course; including asynchronous
reading, practical exercises, discussions, assignments and a final project.
Also including optional synchronous discussions and webinars;

– Facilitation and expert review of participant course activities
(excluding ungraded activities such as quizzes, and optional discussions);

– Engagement in feedback surveys, and prompts.

– Participants who receive 90/100 points or more on their graded activities
(discussions, assignments and a final project) will receive a CC


Learn: CC Certificate

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Read: Creative Commons for Educators and Librarians

“Given the significant time commitment the course will require. If you or a representative from your institution would like to participate in the beta test, please let us know by or before May 31 via email to:, and We
will provide a discount code for registration requests within around 3
business days (as long as tickets last). Thank you.”

Assistant Director of Open Education
Creative Commons

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