ART TALK | John Jennings and the Visual World of Sanford Biggers: Codeswitch


John Jennings and the Visual World of Sanford Biggers: Codeswitch

John Jennings, a best-selling author, graphic novelist, curator, and professor, is widely known for his graphic novel adaptations of Octavia Butler’s Parable of the Sower and Kindred. For Sanford Biggers: Codeswitch, now on view at CAAM, Jennings collaborated with the artist on an accompanying graphic essay and video. Hear Jennings discuss Mother Patchwerk, the powerful video and graphic essay he contributed to the exhibition catalogue, both of which introduce the layered meanings inherent in the art and craft of quilting that are seminal to this body of Biggers’s work.

“What I want to do is code-switch. To have there be layers of history and politics, but also this heady, arty stuff—inside jokes, black humor—that you might have to take a while to research if you want to really get it.”—Sanford Biggers

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