ART Scholars | Professional Pathways in Black DH

Featured Event for Creative Scholars

Professional Pathways in Black DH

Date: Friday, May 13, 2022

Time: 11:00am – 4:30pm

Location: Loretta C. Duckworth Scholars Studio

Location: Online

Black Digital Humanities (DH) is a term that describes the use of various digital tools to research the lived experiences and cultures of people of African descent. These digital tools can include digital mapping, XR technologies (e.g., virtual reality, augmented reality), artificial intelligence (AI), and other emerging technologies. While these tools are increasingly available at universities, many faculty, graduate students, independent researchers, and activist/community advocates are still working to understand whether or not these tools are of value to their work.

This day-long virtual workshop will bring together a small handful of speakers who have experience in building Black DH projects, organizing DH centers, using DH to advocate for their communities, and incorporating DH into their teaching and research about Black people. Not only will they share about their research and career trajectories, but they will also answer specific, individual questions in a  small group chat format. As a bonus, we will also be shipping treats to all attendees from Trade Street Jam Co., a Black-owned business that specializes in specialty jams and sauces. A demo session using some of the included products will be provided during the break.

The Event is Free to the Public.

Image Courtesy of Temple University Libraries

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