ART Literature | Close Reading The Emergency! (A CAAPP Black Study)ART Literature


The series will feature two virtual events and two IRL event in Pittsburgh (with more information regarding live-streamed versions of IRL events to come).

The series will be a week-long collection of events that ask participants to read what we’re calling “The Emergency”: this current moment full of emergencies (global pandemic, healthcare insufficiencies, gun violence, insurrection, & so on), and this moment in which national and local institutions—meant to nourish us and keep us safe—are instead using empty words, misinformation, and false allyship.

What do we have to say back this brutal discourse in our close reading? Close reading, is of course, a textual engagement of interpretation, but it can also be thought of in the black queer colloquialism of reading, like that Zebra Katz takes up in his work, “Ima Read.” What are these different contemporary emergencies, and how might we (and our guests) read them?

Registration links for each event can be found on website HERE. More information and individual event registration links are below.

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