A Moment of Silence for Award-Winning Actress, Ruby Dee


Ruby Dee is shown about the time she was making the 1961 classic film “A Raisin in the Sun.”

16th Annual Diversity Awards - Show

16th Annual Diversity Awards – Show | Photo by Timothy Norris/Getty Images


Ruby Dee, the award-winning actress whose seven-decade career included triumphs on stage and screen, has died. She was 91 and transitioned on Thursday, June 12, 2014.

Famous Quotes by Ruby Dee:

“The greatest gift is not being afraid to question.”

“You just try to do everything that comes up. Get up an hour earlier, stay up an hour later, make the time. Then you look back and say, ‘Well, that was a neat piece of juggling there — school, marriage, babies, career.’ The enthusiasms took me through the action, not the measuring of it or the reasonableness.”

“It takes a long time to really be married. One marries many times at many levels within that marriage. If you have more marriages than you have divorces within the marriage, you’re lucky and you stick it out.”

“God, make me so uncomfortable that I will do the very thing I fear.”

“There was so much meanness in the atmosphere, … but marvelous things pierce through the darkness of poverty and racism. You meet all kinds of people that help put life in perspective and turn the horror into some kind of lesson or avenue of awakening that lives with you all your days.”

B O O K M A R K | S H A R E 
National Visionary Leadership Project | Oral History Archive | Ruby Dee

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