Curating Notes Vol.3

kYmberly Keeton, Deputy Curator @ ART | library deco

Highlight in July: The 2020 Allied Media Virtual Conference was LIT ! My experience cannot be explained in words, but through my actions in the coming months, days, and years.

Email Me:

Summer is in full throttle and we are still in a pandemic. How are you handling the current rift in the economy, a virus with no cure, and your sanity as an artist? Feel free to drop me a note and let’s talk about it. Personally, I have been working behind the scenes getting ready for the debut of my multi-media platform NOVELLA MEDIA. This is one the things that have kept me going these past few months in spite of COVID-19.

Moreover, I am excited to invite you to the virtual company launch that will take place on September, 7, 2020 (my birthday!). If you are a library subscriber or art patron be on the lookout for an RSVP invitation the first week of August. Hot News! ART | library deco received two coveted awards from the Association of African American Museums and the MCN Museum Computer Network this month. {Press release info forthcoming.}

As July closes out, I am grateful for the strength that exudes within me by way of my ancestors. Let us all be thankful to have a creative medium to divert to in times such as these called ART. Dwell on this quote during the month of August by African American collage artist and writer Romare Bearden, “ You should always respect what you are and your culture because if your art is going to mean anything, that is where it comes from.”

Share Your Story with the Black COVID-19 INDEX

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