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ARTwork By Jimmy Arca
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Reimagining Blackness and Architecture
What is architecture? Ten architects featured in a new MoMA exhibition and online course, Reconstructions: Architecture and Blackness in America, as well as a new online course, Reimagining Blackness and Architecture. Through original films, audio interviews, and short readings, the course will introduce learners to the ways in which Black artists, architects, scholars, and writers have responded to these histories of violence and exclusion to create new ways of being, reimagining the spaces that have refused us.
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Happy Emancipation Day! Join ART | library deco and Wikimedia DC for a special day that will consist of archiving Texas’ Black History. This event welcomes beginners, intermediate, and advanced transcribers. Edit current articles from an archived list and or contribute new content. From Nina Jay: Fawohodie is an Adinkra symbol that comes from the term […]

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