ART Literati | FREE BOOKS: A self-care manual for artists of color by Ruskeat Tytöt

Intersectionally feminist self-care manual for the POC artist

Artwork by Alejandro Montero Bravo, visual artist, member of Brown Island,

Ruskeat Tytöt explains in the excerpt below why people of color need to practice self-care. She shares a free how-to guide for artists to read online and download.

Self-care is defined as any action to preserve or better one’s health. The general interpretation seems to culminate in the idea of straightforward physical actions, like sports, or mental exercises such as meditation, increasing comfort and oxytocin levels and therefore contentment and health. Unfortunately, as marginalized people and artists, we do not possess the luxury of viewing the care of our health only from the most obvious, concrete perspectives, as mentioned above. Nor can we rely on the privileged to tell us how. Because we constantly need to tackle societal barriers and faulty perceptions of what we are, simply to exist as versatile and complete beings, we need to observe our all-round well-being from a more fundamental angle.

Words by Ruskeat Tytöt | Publisert 08.07.2020
This text was first published in Actualise Utopia: From dreams to reality. An anthology about racial barriers in the structure of the Nordic arts field, by editor Ninos Josef and project coordinator Kemê Pellicer. Published by Arts Council Norway as part of the project An inclusive cultural sector in the Nordics. POC = person of color.

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