Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth Presents  

FOCUS: Jamal Cyrus  

NOW ON VIEW THRU –June 26, 2022 

The Houston-based artist examines forgotten, ignored, or fragmentary accounts of Black American culture. He raises clear questions about “official” history, what is overlooked and why, and the biases held by those writing and interpreting it. Cyrus uses a range of materials including musical equipment, food, plant life, and used clothing, but transforms them into densely layered objects that refer to Southern material culture.

Jamal Cyrus
River Bends to Gulf (Double Time), 2021
Denim and cotton thread
Overall: 73 × 110 1/2 in. (185.42 × 280.67 cm)
Jamal Cyrus
Rite_1-Percussion Ballad, 2022
+ Rite_1-Percussion Ballad (reverse low pass gate), 2022
Graphite powder on paper
Unframed: 30 × 20 in. (76.2 × 50.8 cm)
Jamal Cyrus
Blue Alluvial Glue (Line) , 2022
Denim, cotton thread, cotton batting, and metal
Overall: 42 1/2 × 55 in. (107.95 × 139.7 cm)

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Images Courtesy & Press, Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth

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