ART History | “Focus On: Henry Ossawa Tanner” Presents New Insights Into the Practice of the Acclaimed American Artist at the Dallas Museum of Art

From The Dallas Museum of Art (DMA)

Exhibition Open Through January 2, 2022

The Dallas Museum of Art (DMA) will exhibit two works by Henry Ossawa Tanner, presenting discoveries from a recent comprehensive conservation treatment and technical study conducted by the DMA with generous support from the Art Bridges Foundation. The findings contribute new insights into the practice of the acclaimed American artist, including the evolution of Tanner’s techniques, his exploration of color theory, and abandoned compositions within the canvases. The exhibition pairs The Thankful Poor (1894), one of Tanner’s most famous early paintings, and Christ and His Mother Studying the Scriptures (about 1908), an exemplar of his signature blue palette and later religious subjects. Focus On: Henry Ossawa Tanner is on view now, through January 2, 2022, and is included in free general admission. The study and presentation were overseen by Sue Canterbury, The Pauline Gill Sullivan Curator of American Art, and Laura Eva Hartman, Paintings Conservator at the DMA.

“Being able to study both paintings was a true honor. Cleaning layers of darkened varnish from The Thankful Poor was especially significant, revealing a harmony that was previously obscured. Having time to study both paintings together also revealed common threads and pursued innovations, material information that speaks directly to Tanner’s profound knowledge of painting, showing his true hand as a highly skilled and brilliant artist,” said curator Sue Canterbury and conservator Laura Hartman.

Images Courtesy of the Dallas Museum of Art (DMA) Digital Art Press Kit

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